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Give your book the artistic edge by giving it a professionally designed cover! Take advantage of our experience of over 1000 published covers to make sure your eBook, Paperback or hardback sells like it should!


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How long Does the Process take?


The average turn around time for a cover is usually around two to three weeks, although it may take a little longer depending on the complexity of the project. 


When can you start?


Please check out my availibility on the Contact page. Remember to be sure to get in contact with plenty of time before publiction.


Do I own the rights to the design?


Yes, after the work is complete and the fee is settled, you will own the rights to the design and are free to use it as you please, within the restrictions of any stock imagery used. Stock images are sourced responsibly from under the standard license.


Can I have creative control?


You can take as much or as little creative control as you like. Whilst some know exactly what they require and how they would like it executed, other people prefer to leave the concept creation up to the designer.


Are there any hidden costs?


No there are no hidden costs - I charge a flat fee for my work:  eBook cover design: £180, Paperback (Front, Back and Spine): £250. This price includes as many drafts and tweaks as are necessary to get the perfect cover for you.


How can I pay?


I prefer to handle payments through PayPal, but if you don't have an account - don't worry - you can still pay by credit / debit card. Let me know if you'd like to pay by another method, and I'll do all I can to accommodate.


Do I need to pay a deposit?


A 50% deposit is customary when beginning any project.


I need the final file in multiple sizes for different publishers. Will this be possible?


Yes, I'm happy to supply the final files in multiple formats and sizes (within reason) to suit your needs.


Do you have any additional questions? Send me an email today, via the Contact page!



Ready to get started? Fill out a Cover Brief and let us know all about your book!