Blood in the Sand
Blood Ties (Small)
Blood on the Rock (Small)
Daylight on Iron Mountain
The Middle Kingdom
An Inch of Ashes
Ice and Fire
The Art of War
The Broken Wheel
Persistance of Memory (Small)
Cold Play (Small)
In Loving Memory (Small)
A is for Actress (Small)
B is for Bad Girls (Small)
C is for Cootchy Coo (Small)
Arena PT 1 (Small)
Arena PT2 (Small)
Arena PT3 (Small)
A Night of Long Knives (Small)
A Game of Lies (Small)
A City of Broken Glass (Small)
Death Visits a Bawdy House
Death Calls at the Palace (Small)
Death Enters the Convent (Small)
Missing Without Trace (Small)
A Complete Fiasco (Small)
An Unnecessary Murder (Small)
The Frogs Garden (Small)
The Swans Valley (Small)
The Little Chimp (Small)
The Book of the Dun Cow
The Second Book of the Dun Cow
Peace at the Last
Fox Hunt
Blood Oil
Liquid Gold
The Abu Wahab Caper
The Stranger City Caper
The Reggis Arms Caper
The Magic Bullet
Teachers Pet
Childs Play
Perfect Little Angels
After Life
Sight Unseen
The Last of Philip Banter
The Deadly Percheron
Devil Take the Blue-Tail Fly
The Hoydens and Mr Dickens
The Highwayman and Mr Dickens
The Detective and Mr Dickens
The Cymry Ring
The Fall
The Fourth Angel
Machines Dream of Metal Gods
Metal Forever
Cold Comfort
Fall Guy
Old Scores