3D2D: The Way We'll Serve You Better

Kit has created more than 1,000 covers and many award winning designs for authors and publishers. Everybody loves his hard work, but the increasing demands have negatively impacted Kit's health and, unfortunately, put us behind schedule more than once. We're adjusting our policies so authors and publishers will continue to receive book designs that impress and sell, but with more predictable delivery times.

Kit will continue to deliver top shelf designs but we're moving to 3D2D. This will be better for you and better for us. Here's how:

3D2D is short for Three Drafts to Done.

Rather than collapse in exhaustion, burn out or shut down, we have switched to the standard for graphic designers throughout the publishing industry: a maximum of three rounds of drafts. Kit cannot continue to create unlimited drafts and tweaks.

To delight (not merely satisfy) our clients and maintain high creative standards, we'll continue to deliver fantastic designs at reasonable prices. To limit the number of rounds of drafts to no more than three, please consider your tweaks carefully.

Here's how we'll help you get better designs faster:

We will include information packages to assist you in making tweaks to your next book project. The attachments to look for are:

1. Top 10 FAQs at Kit Foster Design, and

2. How Can I Make My Cover Better?

With 3D2D, you’ll still get a cover you’ll love, but with fewer delays. We strive to help all our clients and stay on schedule. We'll continue to work with the same fees we've charged for the last year. The flat fees will not increase under 3D2D.

What if I need more than three drafts?

First off, it must be said, most authors don't ask for more than three drafts. Some authors spot the cover they love right away and approve a draft as their final cover in the first round. Others require font or image changes. Kit can provide three rounds of drafts (typically supplying three choices in the first round and narrowing it down after that.)

If we cannot arrive at a draft that meets your approval after three rounds of drafts, we can either:

A. continue work on the next draft at an hourly rate, or,

B. retain the deposit and part ways amicably without further recompense for the remaining 50% fee, whichever you prefer.

Thank you to all our loyal clients whom we have served in the past. We look forward to serving you again, and better, moving forward. As always, Kit will continue to create great cover art that sells. The mission remains. The way to do it just got better.

Robert Your friendly Author Assistant and Kit Foster's Virtual Assistant

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