I don't know how I found Kit's web site, but it was like striking gold. To date he has designed two covers for me, each one outstanding. I believe in the adage "when you find a good thing stick with it". Once the project begins, Kit becomes a partner in your search for the best cover you can imagine and the results - for me anyway - were even better than I expected. In the next few weeks I shall be asking Kit to design another five covers for me; I think that says it all, don't you?


GG Rigby

Author of The Lee Cob Series




Kit does all my book covers and now has even created promotional graphics, website banners and Quote Art to help me succeed in spreading the word about my books. His art grabs eyeballs. I can't imagine publishing, or succeeding, without him. It goes beyond the cool portfolio and hot design skills. Kit Foster is a rare gem: A genius who is kind and easy to work with. Hire him! ~ Robert Chazz Chute, author of Higher Than Jesus and a bunch of other books you'd never know without



Robert Chazz Chute

Author of This Plague of Days




Not only does Kit work tirelessly to create the perfect cover for each project, he's a pleasure to work with. Imaginative, open-minded and fast--you'll be happy you chose him as your designer.


Michelle Colston

Author of The Undiscovered Goddess



Kit Foster designed the cover for my non-fiction book, ‘The Wrong Way Round to Ewan McGregor’ (due out in January 2013) in the speed of light.  He immediately replied to my emails and designed the cover in less than a week.  More importantly, it was of a very professional standard.  Kit is friendly and approachable and more than happy to make changes to his designs.  I will definitely use his services again.


Nathan Braund

Author of The Wrong Way Round to Ewan McGregor 





I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do for cover design when I was ready to get covers for my series of novels--colors, themes and layouts. I contacted Kit based on rave reviews of his work. His very first drafts were...well, gorgeous. He interpreted the texture and intent of my books in a way that impressed and, simply put, delighted my reviewers and me. From the start I knew this was going to be a winning partnership with results that would exceed my expectations.


But nailing the design and the feel is only half the job. After that comes iterations through fonts, sizes, exact hues and tones, fiddling with moving this element over here or maybe shifting it over there or what the hell, trying it upside down. Kit gives and accepts feedback and ideas with grace and utmost professionalism, working through the finalization process as a partner, not a vendor, who always has his eye on the success of the finished product in capturing eyes and provoking curiosity.


Mike Canino,

Author of The Keri's Chronicle Series